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Make your football experience all it can be

Make your life experience all it can be

Here at SoccerPlus NZ we create opportunities for you to see how the life Jesus offers is so compatible with all life offers, including a fun football experience.

So come on this journey with us, serving Jesus and playing football

COVID RESPONSE for 2022 onwards

We are waiting to see how borders etc open up and then publish the plans for 2022/23 - Please come back

November 13-15 (2020) - Football Weekend - Willow Park

December 10-11 (2020) - Tauranga Training - Tauranga Girls High

January 13-15 (2021) - Wellington Training - Petone

February 7 (2021) - NZCrossWhites Trials begin

February 19-21 (2021) - Football Weekend - Totara Springs

April - Valencia Football Experience

September/October - Australian National Titles (NZCrossWhites)

November/December - Football Mission - Paraguay/Brazil


This really is an amazing opportunity in 2021 and beyond.

Unfortunately Covid put an end to the 2020 trip and may also impact 2021.

In 2019 returned from trip number 5. Every trip gets better and better.

13 kids and 7 adults got to enjoy an amazing experience being coached by some of the best coaches in the world.

They got to see Valencia defeat both Real Madrid and Levante in the Mestalla.

This opportunity doesn't need to be hyped. It's that good.

If you are 12-18 and play football (Girls and guys)

If you are a coach and want to enjoy a fantastic coaching course

It's easy - - -

Contact me by clicking image below


A dream had some 15 years ago looks like it could be a real goer.

We are looking to establish a Christian Football Ministry Centre.

This would include a full size floodlit artificial pitch, street football courts and a gym.

In conjunction with Adventure Camp Trust Board and Carey Park Camp we are looking at the possibility of putting this next door to the camp in Henderson where activities, accommodation and conference facilities already exist.

Stay posted as we see how this will unfold.



We are Going


Paraguay & Brazil

Are you interested in coming to Paraguay and Chile(November - December) on a FOOTBALL MISSION?

Do you want to represent NZ as a Crosswhite?The CrossWhites are the NZ Christian Football teams under the NZCFM. In 2021 we are taking teams to the Australian National Titles September/October holidays (1 week).The teams we are taking to Melbourne are Mens, Under 21 mens, Womens, Under 17 boys, Under 16  girls and Under 14 boys.

Although the banner is Christian and the tournament is run by the Australian Churches Federation, being a Christian is not an essential element. This opportunity is open to anyone keen to trial.


Preschool Football

A venue will be arranged depending on interest


Covid has hit the numbers, but we will continue to grow



Konini Primary 3.30 - 5


Kaurilands Primary 3.30 - 5


Arahoe Primary 3.30 - 5

Waitakere primary 3.30 - 5

Ask me for a registration form